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7 common mistakes of those who try to provide first aid

The ability to provide first aid is a very important and popular skill, which in some situations is the only thing that separates a person from death. It is all the more sad that, as in any other case, people tend to make mistakes when providing medical care, especially if they are not qualified employees of the relevant institutions. Here are some of the most common mistakes. You should remember them and never repeat them.

1. Bleeding from the nose

Many people throw their head back when they have a nosebleed. This action is erroneous and ineffective. First, throwing your head back doesn’t help stop the blood. Secondly, there is a risk that blood will go down the throat, and this in turn can cause copious vomiting.

The correct way is to tilt your head a little forward and hold the bridge of your nose. If after 10 minutes (maximum) the blood does not stop stopping, you should plug your nose with cotton and call a doctor.
2. Burn

“Folk remedies” like applying ice or oil to the burn site not only do not help, but also harm the person. Oil and does not exacerbate the process of damage to skin cells and complicates the healing and analgesia of the wound. Ice also leads to hypothermia and the destruction of the cells.

The correct way is to hold the burn site under cold running, but not icy water for a couple of minutes. After this, the burn site should be covered with a bandage (clean and dry) and seek medical help.

3. Serious injury
The worst thing you can do when a person is seriously injured is try to move them. Trying to do this can cause even more serious injuries and even death. Especially when it comes to the spine and internal organs. The exception is those cases when you can not stay in place because of a direct threat to life and health. For example, in the event of a fire.

The correct thing is to call an ambulance and make as much space as possible for the subsequent maneuver with a stretcher before it arrives.

4. Cuts and open injuries
There is nothing worse than trying to clean an open wound or cut with human saliva. It does not have any bactericidal properties. Just the opposite, saliva contains a huge number of microorganisms, some of which may well provoke blood poisoning and rot.

The correct way is to wash the wounds with saline or, in this case, with clean water.

5. Fracture and sprain
In any of these situations, a warming compress is a thing that will only make things worse. This is because heat increases blood flow in the body, which means that it will inevitably cause even more edema.

The correct way is to try to cool the place of stretching or fracture with a compress or ice, as well as to immobilize the affected part of the body as much as possible.

6. Eye injury

Any attempts to remove a foreign object from the eye yourself will not lead to anything good in the end. The exception in this case is chemicals that should be washed immediately with cold running water.

The right thing to do is to protect the damaged eye with a bandage and seek medical help immediately.

7. Accident
The worst thing you can do after an accident is not to do anything at all. Very often, people who are involved in an accident die a few hours after the event. This happens due to the fact that a huge amount of “adrenaline” in the blood masks the pain and supports life for a while, hiding from the person’s injuries and harmful processes.

The right thing to do is to immediately seek help from a doctor, even if it seems that everything is absolutely normal.


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