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10 blood-chilling experiments from the history of medicine

It often happens that medical experiments could be a script for a horror movie. Few people know how much pain and suffering has been inflicted on people over the centuries in the name of science and supposed progress. Today we will talk about blood-chilling medical experiments that often turned healthy people into completely sick.
1. Vaccinations for children from poor families

In 1908, doctors were desperately trying to find a cure or at least prevention of tuberculosis. At the children’s hospital in Washington, “experts” decided to experiment on children from poor families. They inoculated 10 children with tuberculosis bacilli and Koch’s tuberculin without the knowledge or consent of their parents or guardians.

When this was discovered, the doctors refused to disclose the names of the children they were experimenting on, because “their parents belonged to an ignorant class and could object to such experiments.” Despite the fact that no one denies the obvious need to address the problem of tuberculosis, the fact that doctors have started experimenting on children from poor families without the knowledge or consent of their parents is simply a terrible violation of human rights.

2. Cholera beds

The United States is not the only country that has tried to learn more about infectious diseases, their spread, and how to end them. In 1871, experiments were carried out in Russia to find out the causes of the spread of cholera and at the same time to investigate the influence of the power of thought on human health. Murderous prisoners were used for this purpose.

Four men were placed overnight in beds where people had previously died of cholera. After spending the night in these beds, the men showed no signs of illness. The men were then put to sleep in four clean beds the next night, but were told that the people who had slept in the same beds in front of them had died of cholera.

Three out of four people died of cholera within four hours. During a cholera epidemic in the 19th century, doctors soon discovered that cholera was not transmitted from person to person, but was transmitted through dirty drinking water. This is why prisoners did not become infected after sleeping in “cholera beds”.

3. Horseshoes of happy thoughts

History is full of stupid experiments and strange attempts at treatment. In 1895, Newspapers in the United States vied with each other about the latest medical experiment conducted in Paris. The Parisian doctor believed that happiness can be transmitted from one person to another. To prove his theory, he made happy people wear a horseshoe on their heads.

It was believed that the horseshoe would “attract” their happy thoughts. Then the happy horseshoes were distributed to people suffering from melancholy, and they also wore them on their heads. It is likely that this “treatment” helped some because of autosuggestion.

4. Why do we need enemies when you have friends

Sometimes, as the saying goes, “why need enemies if there are friends who are worse than enemies”. One person was unlucky enough to have friends who considered themselves capable of their own medical experiment. In 1881, this man was struck by lightning, after which he was paralyzed.

His friends thought that he was paralyzed, because there was an electric charge left in his body from the lightning, so the victim was needed… ground potential. They dug a large hole and buried a paralyzed man up to his chin in it. Unfortunately, he died in the pit.

5. Return to life after execution

In 1879, a terrible article was published called “Died twice”. It was about an executed man who suddenly started coughing, rolling his eyes, and moaning after death. After the hanging of a man named Merrick, who had killed his wife, his body was transferred to the Medical College of Indianapolis for medical experiments. The Professor leading the experiment addressed his class, stating: “Gentlemen, this experience will show how vital processes can be suspended and resumed.”

Air was pumped into the dead man’s lungs, and the clotted blood was removed and replaced with a strange mixture of sheep blood and milk that was heated to 38 degrees Celsius. Then, through two holes drilled in the skull, the wires attached to the battery were inserted. Assistants manually resuscitated the corpse. The dead man’s pulse began to be felt, and then his eyes began to rotate in their sockets. Suddenly, “the heart began to beat more steadily, the face took on a more lively color, and the chest muscles began to contract, as if the deceased wanted to cough.”

The Professor drilled several more holes in the skull and connected electrodes to the brain, causing the legs to twitch, the hands to clench, the eyes to turn, open and close, and the tongue to protrude from the mouth. When the Professor finished the lecture, the electrodes were removed from the body, and the corpse continued to cough, spin its head, and convulse. So the body experienced a second death a few minutes later.

6. Electric deadheads

What is most surprising about some medical experiments conducted more than 100 years ago is not only how disgusting they were, but also that they were written about in detail in the Newspapers. A report published in 1866 detailed an experiment conducted in France. Four men who had mutinied at sea on a ship were taken back to land and then executed.

Immediately after they were decapitated, their heads and bodies were handed over to surgeons for experiments. As described in the description of the experiment, next to the bodies, wrapped in sheets, lay four blue-purple heads. The work started instantly. My nerves were still quivering, and my flesh was still warm. Immediately, the doctors found that the muscles contract under the influence of an electric current.

The muscle contraction was so strong that even after 20 minutes, one of the doctors, applying an electric current, led to the fact that four heads began to make terrible grimaces. The face of one of the severed heads took on a particularly eerie expression. At the same time, the pencil placed between the teeth of this head was crushed by the teeth as if it were made of glass.

7. Experiments on orphaned children

The Washington Herald published an article in 1913, ” orphaned Children become objects of vivisection.” The article detailed how orphaned children were used as test subjects in various hospitals around the world. Some children received injections of syphilis and other diseases in the name of science and progress.

As an example, a Japanese doctor was cited who conducted experiments on 146 orphaned children whom he took in hospitals. At that time, there were no laws to protect orphaned children from being used for medical experiments. It was noted that physicians were experimenting only on the poor people, “whose life was worth nothing”.

8. Injections sweat

A bacteriologist, in a newspaper article from 1898, placed his reasons for the fact that sweat is not so bad. He placed his subject in a steam bath and then tested the sweat from him. The bacteriologist found that the sweat is infested with microbes and concluded that during the process of sweating, the bacteria that were inside the body are removed from the body. He believed that in the case of any disease, an accurate diagnosis can be made based on the analysis of the patient’s sweat.

In contrast to the old findings that sweat is full of microbes, a new study shows that the body produces an antibiotic called dermcidin, which can kill Staphylococcus aureus and other harmful bacteria.

9. Grafting glands from animals

The new York tribune published a curious article in 1921 entitled ” Japanese medical College experiments with glands.” At first glance, this sounds safe enough, but in the course of further reading, it turns out that “Japanese doctors conducted experiments to inoculate animal glands in the interstitial gland of humans to prevent senile dementia in humans.”

Further research showed that in the early 1900s, doctors and surgeons around the world were experimenting with inoculating animal glands in humans. All this was supposed to prevent aging and increase sexual desire. In the end, doctors came up with a special serum made from the extract of the sexual glands of animals, the effect of which was similar to viagra.

10. Poisoning by autosuggestion

This case of medical tests by today’s standards can only be considered a malicious joke. The report was published in 1904 in connection with an incident that occurred in Havana during the Spanish-American war in 1898. According to this story, the surgeon and the young Lieutenant had a very bad quarrel and it almost came to murder.

As a result, their dispute was resolved in a very unusual way — the doctors prepared two identical pills for the disputants, one of which had poison in it.
The first was the surgeon. He swallowed the pill and nothing happened. When the Lieutenant put the pill in his mouth, he turned very pale (because he thought that he had just swallowed poison).

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