5 advantages of a cold shower that convince you of the need for hardening
Cold shower. Invigorating... Many consider a cold shower something out of the ordinary and, it seems, on their own will, they will never be under it. Under a cold shower,…

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5 already existing incredible technologies from the medicine of the future
Modern technologies allow physicians to regularly make serious breakthroughs in their activities. Today we have collected information about 5 of the most amazing innovative technologies that in a few years…

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10 blood-chilling experiments from the history of medicine
It often happens that medical experiments could be a script for a horror movie. Few people know how much pain and suffering has been inflicted on people over the centuries…

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15 exciting inventions of the XXI century that will soon be in every home

Throughout the history of its existence, man has constantly invented and created something new. Today, in the age of the Internet, it is difficult to imagine that human civilization began with a stick-digger. And although the new century began only 16 years ago, during this time people have made many impressive inventions. And although some of them seem to be something unusual, you can be sure that soon all these things will come to your home.
1. iPod
In 2001, before Apple and Samsung flooded the world with their superior smartphones, the iPod appeared – a small gadget that changed the very principle of listening to music.This was the moment when MP3 was replaced by CDs (which, in turn, had previously replaced cassettes and vinyl records).

2. Artificial memories

The ongoing collaboration between the Japanese RIKEN brain research Institute and the Institute for learning and memory at the Massachusetts Institute of technology has led to the discovery of a way to embed false memories in the brains of mice. The breakthrough has greatly expanded our understanding of memory, and also broadened the horizons of psychiatry.

3. Oculus Rift

One of the most popular gaming sites in the world, GameSpy, describes the Oculus Rift as the gadget that “most closely approximates the concept of the star trek holodeck.” Although this is not an exaggeration from a gamer’s point of view, the Oculus Rift is intended solely for entertainment.

4. Smartphone

Two or three decades ago, the idea of having a mobile phone that could allow you to surf the Internet, watch movies on a 5-inch high-resolution screen, take photos, listen to music, and do a wide range of other things sounded at least delusional. Today it is perceived as something ordinary.

5. Google Glass

Google Glass is a smart glasses that will help you see exactly what the user wants, and literally in front of your eyes. They are able to display information from the smartphone screen.

6. Birth control patch

Surely everyone has heard about this small square that you just need to stick on a woman’s skin and that helps prevent pregnancy. They have already existed for several years, and such patches are medically safe and effective. Welcome to the twenty-first century.

7. Hybrid car

It may seem strange to some that a hybrid car with two energy sources can actually be safer for the environment than a traditional car. However, many experts say exactly this. Only time will tell whether this is one of the greatest inventions of our century, or just another super-advanced idea that failed miserably.

8. Virtual keyboard

In fact, it’s hard to imagine the benefits of a virtual keyboard, at least when it comes to the daily lives of people and employees who spend time at the computer. But it is undoubtedly a good way to impress your friends.

9. YouTube

YouTube was first launched in 2005 and has since changed the lives of most young people around the world. Watching videos has become one of the trends of the XXI century.

10. ReWalk

ReWalk is a revolutionary wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides hip activity and knee movement so that people with spinal cord damage can walk again. It has recently appeared on the market and has already become the most widely used device for people with movement problems.

11. Bionic contact lenses

In 2013, scientists created and successfully tested a prototype of functioning bionic lenses with a wireless antenna and a one-pixel display. Engineers have already tested the finished lenses on rabbits for twenty minutes and found no problems. The lenses are expected to appear on the market within the next few years.

12. Bioartificial liver

This amazing artificial extracorporeal device has given hope to all those who suffer from acute liver failure. Although the bio-artificial liver cannot yet completely replace all liver functions, it can serve as an auxiliary device and help patients live until they undergo a transplant of this organ.

13. Teleportation

Researchers from the California Institute of technology managed to teleport a proton, while researchers from the Australian national University successfully teleported a laser beam. These breakthroughs have given scientists hope that eventually people will be able to teleport much larger objects.

14. Artificial pancreas

An artificial pancreas is a technology that can help people with diabetes control their blood glucose levels, ensuring the endocrine functionality of a healthy pancreas.

15. Implant retina

Retinal implants are designed to partially restore the vision of people who have lost their vision as a result of degenerative eye diseases. This has given hope to millions of people around the world. The Argus II retinal implant was approved for use in the US and European markets in February 2013, becoming the first approved implant.


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