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Under the scalpel: 7 celebrities who do not hide that they did plastic surgery

7 celebrities who do not hide that they did plastic surgery

Modern possibilities of plastic surgery have brought the concept of beauty to a new level. Today it is possible to change in a person’s appearance is almost everything. Celebrities often resort to such services, trying to prolong their youth and correct their figure flaws. However, some carefully hide from the press the fact that they resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, and others – talk about it without hesitation. In our review, there are 7 celebrities who are not at all ashamed of having resorted to the services of plastic surgeons.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the most stylish women on the planet. It is considered the standard of style. Thousands of women around the world are trying to become like her. But Victoria herself was not always sure of her beauty. Even as a member of the group “Space girls”, the young” pepper ” thought that her Breasts were too small. It was this self-doubt that prompted Victoria to increase her Breasts. However, after a few years and this did not seem enough-and Mrs. Beckham went under the knife of the surgeon for the second time, increasing the breast by another size. However, when the wife of David Beckham decided to go into business, she revised her attitude to beauty and returned to the previous size.
Jennifer Aniston


The star of the cult TV series “Friends” in his youth was dissatisfied with the shape of his nose. This is what prompted the actress to do a rhinoplasty. The first operation was performed by Jennifer during the filming of the series, and the second – 10 years later. Also, according to the press, Jen resorted to the services of plastic surgeons to increase her Breasts, but the actress always claimed that she went for this only for medical reasons.
Irina Dubtsova


After the birth of her son Artem, Irina was very dissatisfied with the shape of her Breasts. The singer also had serious problems with excess weight. At first, Irina tried to get in shape on her own: she sat on the most severe diets and almost never left the gym. But all efforts were in vain, and Irina still decided to seek help from plastic surgeons. She had liposuction, correction of the shape of the navel and the surgery for breast augmentation. Today, the singer is quite happy with her forms, but, nevertheless, she also carefully monitors her figure.
Drew Barrymore


But the famous actress drew Barrymore, on the contrary, has always been shy of her bust. According to the actress, her outstanding form has always attracted too much attention from men, and this is very much confused her. In addition, drew repeatedly said that because of her large Breasts, her back hurt too much. That is why in 1992, the actress decided to have breast reduction surgery.


Lolita never hid the fact that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. The first injection of Botox singer made in 40 years, which, by the way, deserves respect, especially when you consider that a huge number of modern girls resort to such cosmetic procedures sometimes in their 20s. The singer also performed liposuction of the chin, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), correction of nasolabial folds and lipofilling − an ideal remedy for wrinkles. At the same time, Lolita is not at all ashamed of the fact that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons and believes that this is a natural desire of a woman to stop aging.

Masha Malinovskaya


Masha Malinovskaya has never hidden that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. This, by the way, is visible to the naked eye. The famous TV presenter changed the shape of her nose, enlarged her Breasts and lips. Such drastic measures did not quite positively change Malinovskaya’s appearance: her lips looked too unnatural. But after the birth of her son, the socialite resorted to another operation – she reduced her famous lips and now looks much better.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith has had a lot of plastic surgery in an attempt to keep up with her youth. Rhinoplasty, braces, blepharoplasty – this is not a complete list of changes that the actress went to. However, the love of plastic played a cruel joke with Melanie: today, the actress’s face is almost unrecognizable, she has lost her attractiveness and caused public anger. Today, Melanie regrets the number of operations that she went to for beauty.


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