10 unexpected facts about the most" piquant sosotoyanii " women, which are silent even doctors
Pregnancy: the woman really "glows". Ladies who had to face pregnancy and childbirth for the first time, this condition and process may seem frightening. This is understandable - after all,…

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10 unexpected facts about the most” piquant sosotoyanii ” women, which are silent even doctors

Pregnancy: the woman really “glows”.

Ladies who had to face pregnancy and childbirth for the first time, this condition and process may seem frightening. This is understandable – after all, unexpected and seemingly strange things happen in a woman’s body. Moreover, doctors do not tell expectant mothers about everything. This review will dispel some of the dark pages of the piquant state.
1. Lasts up to a yearMost pregnancies last about 9 months, and doctors can artificially stimulate labor if the pregnancy continues for too long. However, there were cases when the pregnancy in women lasted for a year (the longest case – 375 days, while, oddly enough, the child’s weight was only 3 kg). This, of course, makes it very different to look at the delay in childbirth.

2. Erection in the fetus

The vast majority of mothers are not even aware of the fact that a boy in their womb during pregnancy can happen… erection. Moreover, it is known that children of both sexes masturbate in the womb. Perhaps it is understandable why doctors are silent about these shocking facts.

3. Ruptures and surgeries

The last thing any woman wants is the stitches from the surgery on the body. However, many mothers after childbirth really literally have to be sewn up. Nine out of ten women have vaginal ruptures of varying severity after giving birth. Some such ruptures require only minimal care for a week or two after birth, but there are also more complex cases.

Sometimes, in particularly bad cases, the tears go from the vagina all the way to the anus. And some of them can even touch the muscles outside the anus (this occurs 1 time per 100 women in labor).

4. Uncontrolled defecation

During childbirth, it is extremely common for women to involuntarily empty the contents of their intestines. There is a perfectly understandable reason for this – the muscles that a woman uses to push the child to “exit” are the same ones that are used during defecation. As if this is not enough to relax the sphincter, so also the child during childbirth directly presses on the rectum.

In the old days, it was common for nurses to give an enema before giving birth, but this did not have the desired effect and often caused dehydration. Today, nurses just silently clean and do not even talk about it, so women in labor do not know about this.

5. She simply “glows»

The popular saying that a pregnant woman literally “lights up” is usually perceived as a woman’s excitement and anticipation about becoming a mother. As it turned out, glowing skin is actually quite a real thing for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in the body increases by 50%.

This “extra” blood flows to the skin in many areas, especially on the cheeks. In addition, hormones cause the activation of the sebaceous glands, which leads to a softer and shinier appearance of the skin. In combination with increased blood flow, this causes a noticeable “glow” of the skin.

6. The sense of smell

During pregnancy, the sense of smell increases dramatically, which also sharpens the sense of taste. Scientists suggest that this helps pregnant women avoid toxins that are not dangerous to an adult, but can be fatal to the fetus. Since cigarette smoke, alcohol, and coffee are particularly poorly perceived by pregnant women, this theory seems quite real.

7. Contractions after birth

Most mothers will continue to have contractions for the first few days after giving birth. Muscle cramps are the way the body tries to stop excessive blood loss. In hospitals, this is just often not noticed because of sedatives.

8. Eat for two

Despite widespread rumors that pregnant women need to eat “for two” to give birth to a healthy baby, the truth is that most women will only need an extra 300 calories a day. This is equivalent to about one serving of yogurt and half a bagel. Most women gain 11 kilograms during their entire pregnancy.

9. Foot size

If you are wondering why the legs of pregnant women really get bigger, you should know that this is caused by excessive pressure on the legs in conjunction with the relaxation of ligaments in the body. Literally immediately after pregnancy, the body begins to relax the ligaments to help with the delivery process.

Unfortunately, this also leads to the fact that the ligaments in the feet weaken, which then become wider. This change in the shape of the legs is most often temporary, but sometimes it does not pass after childbirth.

10. Symptoms of pregnancy in the father

This is surprising, but the father can also often experience pregnancy symptoms: weight gain, morning sickness, and even cramps in the lower abdomen. This condition is known as sympathetic pregnancy or “Kuvad syndrome”.


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