Strange medical practices from the past that, fortunately, were abandoned
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Beauty requires sacrifice: 9 of the strangest plastic surgeries that change people

The strangest plastic surgeries

To meet the ideals of beauty, modern people are ready to lie down on the operating table, and surgeons sometimes work real miracles and are able to change a person beyond recognition. But when you decide to do one of these operations, you should remember that the fashion is fleeting, and the results of the operation may not be relevant tomorrow.
1. Changing the lines on the palmIn Japan, where palmistry is still a very popular method of divination, some people have come up with a way to change their fate. This is a fairly simple idea: you just need to change your line on your palm so that the future also changes. All you need is a competent plastic surgeon with an electric scalpel who has a basic knowledge of palmistry. The procedure usually takes about 15 minutes, and during it changes from 5 to 10 lines.

2. Correction iris

Cosmetic surgery can change almost all aspects of the female body. However, until now, there was one noticeable feature that could not be changed either by the needle or the scalpel: the color of the eyes. Until now, this was the case, and only colored contact lenses could help. But Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal invented a way to correct various eye defects (heterochromia, ocular albinism, etc.), and artificial iris implantation is now advertised as a cosmetic surgery tool for people who want to change the color of their eyes.

The artificial iris is a thin non-toxic prosthesis made of the same ophthalmic silicone that is used for intraocular lenses. Because the artificial iris is very flexible, it can be folded and inserted into the eye through a surgical incision about 2.8 mm long on the side of the cornea, and then unfolded over the natural iris.

According to the BrightOcular website, the procedure is “fast, safe and painless” and takes about 15 minutes for each eye. BrightOcular also claims that their iris implant can be easily removed in the event of complications or at the patient’s request.

3. Correction stop

Cosmetic surgery has already reached the feet. Dr. Oliver Zong, Director of surgery at NYC Footcare, specializes in elective foot surgery, including reducing thick toes. However, Zong also performs what he calls a “leg lift” – an operation that involves shortening the toes to make the legs narrower and “improve their appearance.”

The New York Footcare clinic is not alone in this. Selective foot surgery, such as shortening the toes and removing fat from them, has become an industry that generates $ 45 million annually. However, some doctors claim that such an operation is unethical because it can have serious side effects. These include, for example, deformity of the toes in the case of an incorrectly performed operation.

4. Implantation of the moustache

Mustache transplants are becoming more and more popular in Turkey. For many years, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey have already offered hair implants, but now there is a new trend – the implantation of a mustache. Men from all over the Middle East, Europe and Asia go to Istanbul to get a “sign of masculinity”.

This procedure uses a technique called hair follicle extraction, in which doctors remove clumps of hair from more hairy areas of the body and implant them along the lips or on the cheeks to increase the mustache or make a thicker beard. Cosmetic surgeons say that with local anesthesia, the operation takes about five hours and can cost up to $ 5,000.

5. “Pokerface”

Professional poker players know how important it is to have an impassive face that doesn’t show the slightest emotion. Dr. Jack birdy from new York offers a service that he calls “Pokertox”. The procedure consists of injecting Botox into special areas on the face, after which it will be unclear whether the patient is angry, disappointed or happy – his face will be completely impassive. It costs an average of 600 to 800 dollars, and the effect lasts from three to four months.

6. Raising the corners of the mouth

This trend has become very popular in Asia. It consists of tiny incisions in the corners of the lips, which are made specifically to lift the corners of the mouth. This cosmetic procedure will be ideal for patients with sagging or asymmetric corners of the mouth or people who are not sure of their smile.

7. Double eyelid

South Korean women have become so imbued with the Western culture of celebrities that they have begun to perform double-eyelid surgery everywhere, creating a procedure that makes an inherent incision in the eyes of a white person. This operation has become as common as visiting the dentist. Moreover, South Korea has overtaken Brazil to become the world leader in the number of operations performed per capita. Eyelid surgery involves cutting the outer corners of the eyes to make them wider and rounder, which plastic surgeons say increases confidence.

8. Creating dimples

Not everyone was born with dimples like Jennifer garner and Mario Lopez, but some plastic surgeons are ready to fix that, too. To create a dimple, a small, painless incision is made inside the cheeks. There are no incisions or scars on the outer skin. A small suture of absorbable thread runs through the inside of the cheeks and captures the lower surface of the skin where a dimple is desired. Initially, the dimple is visible without a smile, but after a few days, the dimple appears only when you smile or move your face.

9. Lengthening of the limbs

A man in new York “grew” by 15 centimeters through painful limb lengthening surgery aimed at artificially increasing his height. Although the reason why Apotheosis (alias of this man) underwent surgery may be cosmetic, in fact, there are numerous patients suffering from dwarfism or deformity of the limbs, which such an operation would be very useful.

This rare procedure is performed by only a few doctors in the United States and costs approximately $ 85,000. Painful, time – consuming and expensive-just a few words to describe this incredible operation.

Strange medical practices from the past that, fortunately, were abandoned
In ancient cultures, a variety of healing methods were practiced. Some eventually formed the basis of modern medical standards, while others were so strange and even dangerous that one can…


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