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9 devices that will take care of the body using a smartphone

Interesting devices for self-care.

Someone will say that a smartphone is an extremely harmful thing for the body, and they will be right about something. All these waves and radiations… However, given the amount of technology surrounding modern man, I must say that the smartphone is not the leader in this sad rating. In fact, this gadget can be very useful in taking care of yourself-your favorite.
1. CardioQVARK
A special smartphone case that allows the user to make and record a cardiogram almost anywhere. The program requires a network connection, since immediately after the data is taken, it will be sent to the cloud for operational analysis and a verdict. By the way, domestic development.

2. Kinsa Thermometer
If just an electrothermometer is not enough, you can try using the same one, only working in conjunction with your favorite smartphone. Suitable for both children and adults. Support is available for cloud-based physician.

3. Biomeme
A really amazing device that works together with the iPhone. Turns your smartphone into a real mobile DNA lab. However, it is unlikely to buy such a product. The device costs not so little, moreover, it is not sold to individuals. Only a medical institution can buy Biomeme.

4. Angel
A small bracelet that works on the principle of a fitness tracker. The only task of Angel is to track the heart rate in real time. If something goes wrong, the device notifies the user. And if a person becomes ill, then Angel will call a doctor on the spot.

5. MobiUS SP1
Mobile ultrasound scanner. Connects to any smartphone. It was created specifically for medical institutions, but there are no restrictions on sales at the moment. Almost completely able to replace the standard ultrasound device.

6. BACtrack Vio
Mobile indicator tube that allows you to set the amount of alcohol in the blood. Works with a smartphone. Great thing if you don’t want to get a fine or become a participant in a serious accident.

7. Embrace
No, it’s not a fitness bracelet at all. This is a very serious medical device that allows you to track epilepsy attacks. The device quickly notifies loved ones that a person needs help. This is possible thanks to the gyroscope and a set of sensors.

8. AirSonea
Another incredibly useful device that connects to a smartphone. AirSonea allows you to track your asthma symptoms and warn you of asthma attacks. To collect the necessary data, it is enough to bring it to the neck and breathe a little.

9. Kolibree
Where without a “smart” toothbrush! The principle of operation of this device is no different from others: sync with your smartphone and get a detailed report on what is happening in your mouth. The brush will also remind you to brush your teeth.


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