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8 signs that a person needs to be saved from depression

Dejection, melancholy, spleen…

Although public understanding of depression has improved somewhat in recent years, people still often misunderstand or ignore depression and its symptoms. Worse, too many people hide the fact that they are depressed, and others do not believe in such a state at all. And this only makes this condition worse. Therefore, it is very important to know the signs of depression in order to provide timely assistance to a person.
1. The behavior is deceptive

Because of media and cultural stereotypes, most people have developed strong associations about how a person who is depressed should behave and look. Everyone represents a person who rarely leaves his room, dresses poorly, does not take care of himself, and constantly looks pathetic.

The truth is that not all people with depression behave the same way. All people, of course, differ from each other, and the symptoms and ability to cope with depression also differ. Many people may seem quite cheerful and carefree, but they do not suffer less than those who have “all the symptoms are present”.

2. Chronic fatigue

The predominant side effect of depression is constant exhaustion. This does not happen to everyone, but this symptom is extremely common. For those who experience this symptom during depression, it is often one of the most difficult side effects.
In addition, if someone lives with an undiagnosed depressive disorder, the cause of their exhaustion may be unclear. He can sleep for many hours every night and still be terribly sleepless. Worse, he may blame himself for thinking that it is laziness or some other personal reason that causes low energy levels.

3. Irritability

The behavior of a depressed person can be interpreted as melancholy, even if it is not what they really feel. Irritability is a frequently ignored symptom of depression, which is also very common. This should be understandable, since depression is a health problem that cannot be “seen” or accurately measured, making it difficult to fight it.

The constant work required to maintain all the necessary aspects of life, combined with depression, drains a person and leaves little room for patience or understanding. In fact, if someone you know finds out that they are constantly depressed and shares it with their loved ones, it may initially confuse them if that person’s previous behavior did not match the common misconception about a shy, silent, depressed person.

4. Difficulties with communication

The main misconception about depression, which was mentioned in the paragraphs above, is that it is a “feeling” of sadness. On the contrary, with depression, mostly nothing is felt, or only partially and briefly there are emotions. It depends on the individual, but some people with depression feel almost “numb”, and the most common feeling they experience is a kind of sadness and/or annoyance.
This will make it difficult for them to respond appropriately to gestures or words of affection. Moreover, the reaction may be irritated, because the brain of such a person may be too difficult to process and respond to gestures of love and affection.

5. Giving up your favorite activities

An uncharacteristic lack of interest in a favorite activity over a long period of time can be a sign of depression. As mentioned above, depression leads to physical and mental exhaustion, which makes it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities.

Previously favorite activities may even lose their appeal in General, because depression also usually makes it difficult to enjoy or feel satisfied with everything. If there is no other way to explain the decreasing interest, this may be a symptom of clinical depression.

6. Appetite

Abnormal eating habits mostly develop for two reasons: either as a form of coping with difficulties or as a side effect in the absence of self-help. Eating too little or too much food is a common sign of depression.

Overeating is often more likely to occur because food may be one of the few sources of pleasure that a depressed person is able to give themselves. And when a person eats too little, it often happens because depression affects their appetite and makes food unattractive. This may also be a subconscious phenomenon.

7. More attention

A depressed person cannot function as a mentally healthy person. In any case, there will be some things that he will not be able to do at all. Shaming him for something like this will only make the situation worse. Therefore, it is always necessary to treat such problems with understanding, because a person does not” suck”, but experiences real health problems.

8. “Good days”

Depression can have its UPS and downs. If someone has hidden or undiagnosed depression, it may seem that random mood swings occur. If a person is known to have depression, it can be mistakenly assumed that it has passed when they have a period of” remission “or”good days”. If you assume that the person has fully recovered and “push” them too quickly, it will force them to withdraw into themselves again.


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