10 benefits of fasting that will convince you that limiting yourself to food is useful
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Why is blood taken for analysis from the ring finger
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5 already existing incredible technologies from the medicine of the future

Modern technologies allow physicians to regularly make serious breakthroughs in their activities. Today we have collected information about 5 of the most amazing innovative technologies that in a few years will turn medicine upside down and allow treating diseases that are now considered incurable.

Ocumetics Bionic Lens – a smart lens that will restore vision forever

Contact lenses that can correct defects in human vision have been around for decades. More than a hundred million people in the world actively use them instead of glasses.

And Ocumetics Technology promises that in a few years it will begin mass production of the world’s first “smart” contact lenses. Ocumetics Bionic Lens is an innovative implant that is implanted in the human eye instead of the lens. The procedure itself takes a maximum of ten minutes and does not even require anesthesia.


Ocumetics Bionic Lens lens relieves a person from vision problems forever. It corrects myopia and farsightedness, cataracts, astigmatism, and even loss of vision with age. Moreover, as stated in Ocumetics Technology, even a healthy person with this lens begins to see three times better than without it.


Ocumetics Bionic Lens has been under development for more than eight years. Now Ocumetics Technology has created the first prototypes of its “smart” contact lenses, and their mass application is expected by 2020.

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics in New York created an incredible prosthesis of the human hand, which can be controlled only by the power of thought.

Such a prosthesis currently has no analogues in the world. It allows a person who has lost a limb due to various reasons to acquire a new part of his body, acting on the same principle as the previous one.

The control system of this neuro prosthesis fully copies the human nervous system. The device reads electronic impulses from the owner’s brain and acts as he intended. Teams are recognized instantly, a person in a matter of minutes begins to control his prosthesis on an intuitive level, as he previously controlled a real hand.

Moreover, the control system allows you to control even individually each artificial finger on this prosthesis.

Leading orthopedists of the world are already praising the brainchild of the Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics. It is expected that these neuro prostheses will go into mass production within two to three years.

Smart tablet for early diagnosis of diseases

Technology does not allow and will never allow creating a single medicine for absolutely all diseases. But in the semi-secret laboratory of Google X, a universal “smart” tablet is being developed, which will make it possible to significantly increase the percentage of recoveries of people with serious diseases.


The “smart” tablet from Google X is a complex miniature device that must remain in the human body for several years or even decades. It is able to collect information about physiological processes in the body, then to let the wearer know even the smallest changes.

Such information will help diagnose serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack or stroke in the early stages. This will significantly increase the survival rate of people with these diseases, because the sooner they are discovered, the higher the person’s chance of full recovery.


Not much is known about this smart tablet from Google X. This laboratory has not yet disclosed the details of the project, as well as the start date of the industrial production of such devices. But experts from Google argue that in terms of technology, this device can be created now.

Nanorobots for drug delivery to the human body

For several decades, scientists have been dreaming of the fact that nanorobots will appear in medical practice. By launching them into the human body, doctors will be able to perform many manipulations with incredible accuracy and highest efficiency, for example, diagnosing diseases, destroying cancer cells or delivering

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Deadly advertising: a joke with skeletons that claimed many lives
Creation Today, everyone is used to pharmaceutical advertising, which uses pastel shades, pastoral landscapes and rave reviews of the new "miracle drug". But in the late 1800s, a St. Louis-based…