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Strange methods of psychotherapy that help people cope with their internal problems

When it comes to psychotherapy sessions, they most often imagine a patient who relaxes in a chair in front of a psychotherapist and talks about his problems and experiences. But in fact, treatment sometimes takes quite unusual forms. In our review, there are 10 rather strange methods of psychotherapy, which experts call very effective.
1. Sexual replacement therapy

The therapist looks into the eyes of the patient, holds his hand and passionately kisses his lips. This is not a violation of the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics. Kisses, and sometimes not only them, are part of the practice of sexual surrogate. Sexual surrogates are trained professionals who help people overcome various problems related to the intimate sphere. Surrogate therapy goes beyond the usual conversation with the patient; rather, it is a model corresponding to romantic and sexual relations. Sessions can include everything from conversations and social contacts to sex.

2. Hippotherapy

Riding is no longer a luxury for the wealthy. Horses have become an excellent therapy for problem youth, drug addicts and people with disabilities. Using horse and riding lessons, you can develop important social skills, such as self-confidence, patience, and caring for other people. Since horses can weigh up to 900 kilograms and are very shy at the same time, patients learn to overcome their fears and anger.

3. Naked psychotherapy

Now they have already forgotten about this type of therapy, but at the end of the 1960s it was quite popular to reveal not only the soul, but also the body in sessions with psychologists. The founder of this movement was Paul Bindrim – an unconventional psychologist who believed that nudity would allow people to get rid of the social conventions that clothing creates, as well as flaunt most personal emotions. Bindrim believed that true freedom from negative thoughts can be achieved only if a person can flaunt the most intimate motives and details.

4. Chess therapy

Sometimes healing is best done in the company of chess pieces. This method is used to treat patients who have oral communication problems. The idea of ​​using board games to help patients learn how to solve their problems was first used by the Persian scientist Razi (852-932 AD) during his tenure as chief physician at a hospital in Baghdad. Since then, the game of chess has been used to simulate real problems, which allows patients to gain conflict resolution and decision-making skills.

5. Wildlife Therapy

After you finish setting up the tent and building a fire, no doctor is needed anymore. Wildlife Therapy is a successful, albeit controversial, way to help troubled youth. When you are left alone with wildlife and engaged in recreational activities such as mountain climbing and fishing, this teaches independence and responsibility. With the help of such programs, it is often possible to change even the most wayward offenders, including juvenile offenders and adolescents suffering from depression or inability to control anger.

6. Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis may seem like a trick of charlatans, but with it, experts help people get into their own subconscious in order to get to the cause of psychological problems. Hypnotherapy helps patients change undesirable aspects in their behavior. Psychotherapists who use this method believe that under hypnosis, patients can reveal the negative in their subconscious. Patients can even learn to hypnotize themselves in order to relieve stress on their own.

7. Sand therapy

Building sand castles is not only a fun pastime on the beach in the summer, but one of the varieties of therapy. Like chess therapy, sand therapy offers people with communication problems the opportunity to share their feelings, together creating sand figures. Children, and sometimes adults, can express their feelings without saying a word. Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist Dora Culff developed a sand therapy technique in which patients are given a tray of sand and various forms for sculpting it. It is believed that the sequence of fashioned figures reflects real problems.

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