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The 10 worst drugs that most people have never heard of

Millions of people in the world use drugs legally and illegally. The largest trafficking in illegal drugs that have a detrimental effect on health, such as heroin, is carried out in criminal circles. These are chemical compounds that can turn off or inhibit the physical and mental reactions of a person, which is accompanied by hallucinations and other strange effects. A person synthesizes some narcotic substances in the laboratory, while others receive them during the processing of natural raw materials. We offer an overview of little-known drugs that you need to stay away from.
10. Scopolamine

This is an extremely unusual drug that is often used by Colombian criminal groups. Scopolamine causes amnesia and suggestibility in a person, that is, a person will implicitly carry out everything that is ordered to him. A person is in a trance, commits acts, which then does not remember anything. The criminals use this technique to carry out terrorist attacks, so that a person voluntarily gives them the contents of their bank box or money from the account. Perfect crime. Fortunately, this drug is localized in Colombia and has not reached the borders of other countries, although its appearance on the streets will cause a revolution in the criminal world.

9.5-methoxy-diisopropyltryptamine (DIPT)

If hallucinogenic drugs conjure incredible pictures in their imagination, then this drug is capable of causing terrible sound hallucinations. A person will hear very loud and sharp sounds that can drive him crazy. Those who foolishly tried this drug said that they heard these sounds for 4 weeks. In addition, they experienced pain in the ears. Unfortunately, it is not officially prohibited by the laws of many countries. Illegal laboratories actively produce it in disadvantaged areas of the world.

8. Psychedelic (Bromo-DragonFLY)

This is one of the most powerful hallucinogens known to mankind. The hallucinogenic effect lasts up to three days – 3 days of terrible nightmares and vomiting with blood. Unfortunately, this unusual drug is very similar to most conventional drugs, so you can mistakenly take it if someone makes a substitution. Having taken a dose of the drug, the next time the body requires even more, which leads to death.


The drug DMHP is reminiscent of marijuana in action. The active component of the latter is tetrahydrocannabinol, a strong chemical substance, although it is contained in a small amount. DMHP is obtained by extracting yellow oil from a plant. The dose of the drug, which is 0.0002 grams, makes a person completely helpless and causes a strong feeling of hunger. This drug does not kill a person, but causes hysterical laughter. It was developed by the military, with its help they planned to influence the enemy troops with the aim of disorientation and a state of helplessness. The production of the drug was prohibited.

6. Yage / Ayahuasca

Made from the leaves of a bush of chakrun and Ayahuasca wine, this drink is the most powerful natural hallucinogen known since ancient times. Tribal yage is used in ritual religious ceremonies to enter a trance. There are examples that many after using this drug went completely crazy. As a side effect, bloody vomiting and diarrhea should be noted. Many tourists travel to the jungle of Colombia to attend these ceremonies. But it should be remembered that the composition of this drink is not fully understood and can cause catastrophic changes in health.

5. Crocodile

The name of this drug completely conveys everything that it does to a person. In 1932, the substance appeared as an anesthetic, but was soon banned because of the danger it poses to human health. This drug is synthesized from several drugs that make methamphetamine. Side effects from its adoption include dry skin, ulcers, cracks – human skin resembles crocodile skin. The drug was first produced in Russia and is still used by drug addicts with experience.

4. Jenkem

Illegal drug dealers have taken a step forward, if I may say so. A new drug has appeared, jenkem, a hallucinogenic drug that is obtained through the fermentation of human excrement. It is popular in adverse countries such as Zambia, where “conventional” drugs are not affordable.

3. Benzo Fury

Regrettably, the drug Benzo Fury is legally sold in online stores. Manufacturers called it “experimental,” although its side effects are similar to the already mentioned MDMA or ecstasy. This is just one example of drugs that are sold legally, but you need to remember that this is a drug, which means it is dangerous and can lead to death faster than its banned “cousins.”

2. Freon

Freon is a gas that is used in air conditioners and refrigerators, but there are people who inhale gas to get a hallucinogenic effect, loss of consciousness and dizziness, but the worst is brain damage. Unfortunately, it is increasingly entering the atmosphere and now it is no longer a rare drug.

1. Acetorphin

Everyone knows about the harm that heroin causes to human health. Acetorphine is 5,000 times stronger than a drug that claimed many lives. This drug could be used as a sedative for large animals, but 0.01 grams of the drug can knock down 300-kilogram elephants. If 1 milligram of substance gets on the skin, then for a while a person will lose consciousness.
It is a pity, but mankind is not able to refuse either the old drugs or the invention of new ones, although, probably, there is no person who would not hear about the terrible consequences of their use. Although it is worth recognizing that the same marijuana can cure at least 10 serious diseases.

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