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How to cope with stress and become happy: Valuable tips from psychologists

Permanent stress.

Workplace stress is a real epidemic of the twenty-first century. More than a third of office workers experience permanent stress. This leads to loss of working time, health problems, and emotional problems. So, how to identify the root cause of your stress and how to find the most appropriate ways to deal with it in order to become happy and productive again.
Stress at work
The main causes of a nervous breakdown are the following factors:
– too much work (the first sign-a person begins to lack time to do everything);

– the work is too easy, not difficult and not inspiring (at the same time, boredom begins, which causes stress);

– pressure from employees or lack of social support (colleagues do not help or care only about their own tasks);

– little praise and a lot of criticism (bad managers use constant criticism to “try” to motivate employees);

– a very demanding or highly competitive work environment (sales departments are often an example of this);

– lack of sufficient control over work-related decisions (when people at work try to fully control the victim of stress);

– high hopes for yourself or the desire for perfection (the desire to do everything possible as well as possible can cause a very strong strain on the nerves);

– low wages (if a person works hard but gets little for it, they may start to feel discouraged, frustrated, and stressed).

Negative effects of stress
Stress hormones are produced in the body for a long time, they can lead to accelerated physical aging. This is because stress makes the body’s cells look and act as if they are significantly older – and this is reflected in their appearance. In addition to the negative effects on the body, stress also has a significant impact on the brain, which negatively affects daily work.

How to deal with stress
If the work has become too much, and the person ceases to have time to do everything, you just need to…. stop. Instead of trying to get everything done and not getting it done, it’s much better to spend some time thinking about your goals and priorities.

For example, if the initial goal is just to get involved in your work (perhaps for the first time in a few months), then you should think for 10 minutes about how you can achieve this. Most likely, you will come up with tasks that you need to complete in order to achieve your goal. And as soon as the goal and objectives are clear, you need to go to the second step.

combine tasks and goals
Simply knowing your goal and the tasks associated with it is not enough. Many people reach this stage, but still do not have time to do everything and do not achieve their goals. The secret is to figure out which tasks should be the top priority, and which ones can be done when you have free time.

For example, checking your mailbox every 20 minutes may seem like a productive task, but it will actually act as a constant distraction and a “performance killer”. Instead, it’s better to set aside 30 minutes in the morning to check emails and 30 minutes in the afternoon to do the same. By doing this, you can free up some of your time for tasks that will help you achieve your main goal.
eliminate, change, or accept stress
How to deal with specific stressors (factors that cause a state of stress). You can use the following method. You need to take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns. In the first column, you need to write “delete”, in the second “change”, and in the third “accept”.

Then you need to think about the stressors that are most felt. For example, it will be a salary. Now, it’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about whether it would actually be preferable to leave the company, try to change your salary by asking for a raise, or admit that this is a perfectly sane salary level.
If the salary level is acceptable, then you need to enter “salary” in the “accept” column, and if, for example, you want to increase the salary, then you need to enter it in the “change”column. If the person finally decides that it is time to look for a new opportunity in another organization, then the “salary” will go to the “delete” column.

By doing this, a person will immediately feel freer and able to control their fate. And the stress level will begin to decrease. It remains only to set a clear goal, how a person wants to achieve this and how he is going to do it. If there are several stressors at work, then you should do the same with each of them.

create positive relationships at work
One of the key things to improve your ability to cope with stress is being able to accept help from others. This not only eases negative circumstances by simply distracting the person and creating a buffer between daily tasks and the negativity from them, but it also provides a sense of support and relief.
It is worth making an effort to create friendships with your colleagues. This way a person will not only be able to trust someone, but also begin to associate positive emotions with work. Forming a healthy relationship with a Manager or supervisor is also a good way to reduce stress.

find time to relax
Anyone at work from “overload” can “burst their patience”. But when there is stress at work, and this can affect other areas of life. That is why it is very important to take a mental break from work from time to time. It’s worth taking the time to relax and unwind, to restore your energy and get back to work.

You need to make sure that the person is really doing what they like, for example, spending time with their children or partner, or visiting a country that they have always wanted to visit. If you need to relieve stress while working, you need to take planned breaks during the day. For example, you can sit quietly somewhere where there are no people, or do a little exercise to disperse the blood.

pay attention to health
The irony of stress is that even healthy habits can take a back seat. Maintaining and even improving health will keep stress under control.

To maintain good physical shape

eat healthy food
You need to make sure that the diet contains a lot of foods that provide the body with enough nutrients. It’s worth eating more fruits and green vegetables, natural foods, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and seeds such as flax, Chia, and hemp. These types of products ensure that the body will work optimally to cope with stress.

forget about junk food
This is obvious, but these products are mostly preferred during periods of stress and negativity. Foods high in fat, such as cheese and red meat, cause slowness and fatigue. Foods high in refined sugars, such as cookies, chocolate bars, and bread, may be convenient snacks, but they will not lead to anything good. The same applies to caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and carbonated drinks, which interfere with a full night’s sleep.
exercise regularly
Endorphins are the best way to counteract stress, and exercise is a good way to help release them. Physical activity will help to distract from problems, as well as organize your thoughts. You can start doing new exercises, whether it’s running, swimming, Cycling, or walking on the way to work. When endorphins enter the bloodstream, the person will feel happier.

get enough sleep
It is worth trying to sleep every day for 8 hours. When a person is stressed, it can sometimes be difficult to sleep, but sleep deprivation only worsens the current stress. A well-rested mind can find solutions to problems more easily and respond better to daily stressors.


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