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7 common mistakes of those who try to provide first aid
The ability to provide first aid is a very important and popular skill, which in some situations is the only thing that separates a person from death. It is all…

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10 unpleasant symptoms that are the forerunner of deadly diseases
Modern medicine has reached fantastic heights, but much of the knowledge about how the human body really functions remains a mystery. Literally every year, people are faced with new diseases…

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From person to cyborg: a synthetic chest created using 3D printing
It seems that a person has every chance to turn into a cyborg. Arcam AB specialists have created perhaps the most difficult prosthesis to date, designed to replace part of…

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Strange methods of psychotherapy that help people cope with their internal problems

When it comes to psychotherapy sessions, they most often imagine a patient who relaxes in a chair in front of a psychotherapist and talks about his problems and experiences. But in fact, treatment sometimes takes quite unusual forms. In our review, there are 10 rather strange methods of psychotherapy, which experts call very effective.
1. Sexual replacement therapy

The therapist looks into the eyes of the patient, holds his hand and passionately kisses his lips. This is not a violation of the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics. Kisses, and sometimes not only them, are part of the practice of sexual surrogate. Continue reading

Strange medical practices from the past that, fortunately, were abandoned

In ancient cultures, a variety of healing methods were practiced. Some eventually formed the basis of modern medical standards, while others were so strange and even dangerous that one can only rejoice that they are no longer used. In our review, 10 forgotten medical practices from the past.

Teething, France

When a child begins to grow teeth, they say that they erupt. This term came from medical practice that arose in France in the 16th century.When the child began to cut their teeth, doctors cut the gum tissue over the teeth with a scalpel to allow them to “come out easier”. Continue reading

9 stylish prostheses that brought people with disabilities back to a full life

Sometimes it happens that a person is deprived of the opportunity to lead a full life due to loss of limbs. But today prosthesiologists, thanks to the latest scientific developments, work real miracles. In our review, there are 10 rather strange prostheses that helped people not only return to life, but also look stylish.
1. Robotic tentacle prosthesis

Designer Kailin Kai, a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Washington, has proposed a radically new approach to prosthetics. Continue reading

The 10 worst drugs that most people have never heard of

Millions of people in the world use drugs legally and illegally. The largest trafficking in illegal drugs that have a detrimental effect on health, such as heroin, is carried out in criminal circles. These are chemical compounds that can turn off or inhibit the physical and mental reactions of a person, which is accompanied by hallucinations and other strange effects. A person synthesizes some narcotic substances in the laboratory, while others receive them during the processing of natural raw materials. We offer an overview of little-known drugs that you need to stay away from. Continue reading

Deadly advertising: a joke with skeletons that claimed many lives


Today, everyone is used to pharmaceutical advertising, which uses pastel shades, pastoral landscapes and rave reviews of the new “miracle drug”. But in the late 1800s, a St. Louis-based company put ads for its analgesics and antipyretics on the market in the form of a series of creepy calendars. On them, medicine was offered by creepy skeletons. And everything would be fine, but, ironically, the product that this company advertised turned out to be deadly. Continue reading

Strange inventions of doctors of the past, which are more like instruments of torture
The history of medicine is full of bizarre and even frightening moments. Throughout its history, people have tried to make it better to treat. It did not always work out…


Tougher than the "green fairy": how the US produces wine from ... cannabis
Have you ever tried absinthe? If the acquaintance took place, it is unlikely that it was the same legendary potion that turned the head of Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud…


5 advantages of a cold shower that convince you of the need for hardening
Cold shower. Invigorating... Many consider a cold shower something out of the ordinary and, it seems, on their own will, they will never be under it. Under a cold shower,…


Deception everywhere: 7 eye features that can be hard to believe
Our eyes lie to us. In fact, the human eye is a very "imperfect" organ. If you compare the visual system with cameras, you should immediately say that they are…