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10 ancient practices that modern medicine uses
Acoustic levitation and other ancient medical practices. Chinese medicine, visceral therapy, and ritual shamanism are often considered pseudosciences. But in fact, these are very ancient practices that have existed for…

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Why is blood taken for analysis from the ring finger
Everyone at least once in their life passed various tests in the hospital. In this case, the blood test is one of the most important. First of all, it is…

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5 already existing incredible technologies from the medicine of the future
Modern technologies allow physicians to regularly make serious breakthroughs in their activities. Today we have collected information about 5 of the most amazing innovative technologies that in a few years…

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7 common mistakes of those who try to provide first aid

The ability to provide first aid is a very important and popular skill, which in some situations is the only thing that separates a person from death. It is all the more sad that, as in any other case, people tend to make mistakes when providing medical care, especially if they are not qualified employees of the relevant institutions. Here are some of the most common mistakes. You should remember them and never repeat them.

1. Bleeding from the nose

Many people throw their head back when they have a nosebleed. Continue reading

Why is blood taken for analysis from the ring finger

Everyone at least once in their life passed various tests in the hospital. In this case, the blood test is one of the most important. First of all, it is necessary to check the level of sugar in the human body. Those who have already visited the office for receiving tests more than once, probably paid attention to the fact that the same finger is used for sampling the material – the ring finger. For sure, doctors make this choice for a reason.

Once again, you need to go for a blood test. You come to the office and the doctor takes out a terrible set wrapped in paper: a small blade and several tubes. Continue reading

Strange inventions of doctors of the past, which are more like instruments of torture

The history of medicine is full of bizarre and even frightening moments. Throughout its history, people have tried to make it better to treat. It did not always work out well, but it should be noted that thanks to all the trials and errors, the medical industry has come exactly to where it is now. In many ways, these strange things helped her.
1. Electrotherapy
In 1854, the American company WH Burnap patented a magnetoelectric machine, which was to be used, including for the treatment of nervous diseases. It should be explained that in the nineteenth century, electric current was generally a very popular treatment. Continue reading

Piquant question: why do many injections do it in the “fifth point”

Many people are afraid of injections. They can be understood. Sometimes it happens that the injection is really very painful. However, even without this, there is very little pleasant in the procedure of this kind, especially when the injection is prescribed to the patient in the fifth point. For some people, this is an additional inconvenience. Hence the logical question – why exactly there.

In fact, most intramuscular injections can be made in any place where there is a sufficient amount of”meat”. This can be an arm, leg, or shoulder. Continue reading

Beaver testicles and radioactive toothpaste: 7 fatal self-care products that were used in the XX century

Today, when the world is dominated by science and technology, it is not easy to believe that even some 50 years ago people took for medicinal drugs something that today is not allowed without a protective suit. And when it comes to more distant times, you can only wonder what was the pharmacological fantasy of our ancestors and that they basically survived.
1. Doramad
Toothpaste containing radioactive thorium, developed in Germany in the 30-40s of the XX century. The paste had a very funny pseudo-scientific advertising slogan that promised the death of all microbes in the mouth. Continue reading

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