Technologies from the medicine

10 unpleasant symptoms that are the forerunner of deadly diseases
Modern medicine has reached fantastic heights, but much of the knowledge about how the human body really functions remains a mystery. Literally every year, people are faced with new diseases…

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From space to coffee: 10 ways to use excrement that people don't know
The human body is a real processing plant, in the cycle of which defecation is a natural process. Although this process is repugnant, throughout history, people have found many different…

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"Down with hospital gowns!": what the new generation of hospital clothing looks like
Hospital gowns and "vests" will be replaced with style and comfort It's hard to find a man who would have liked to stay in the hospital. And it's not just…

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5 already existing incredible technologies from the medicine of the future

Modern technologies allow physicians to regularly make serious breakthroughs in their activities. Today we have collected information about 5 of the most amazing innovative technologies that in a few years will turn medicine upside down and allow treating diseases that are now considered incurable.

Ocumetics Bionic Lens – a smart lens that will restore vision forever

Contact lenses that can correct defects in human vision have been around for decades. More than a hundred million people in the world actively use them instead of glasses. Continue reading

Incredible things that happened to people after surgery

In the struggle for the quality of life, and even for life itself, people sometimes find themselves in the operating room under the sapphires of surgical lamps. And every time the surgeons do everything possible to return the patient to normal life. True, the consequences of operations are sometimes simply unbelievable.
1. Change in the Rh factor of the blood after liver transplantation

15-year-old Demi-Lee Brennan not only received a new chance for life thanks to a liver transplant, she also acquired a new Rh factor in the blood. It is unbelievable, but the new liver changed the Rh factor of the girl’s blood from negative to positive. Continue reading

10 of the strangest medical procedures practiced today

Teeth in eye surgery and other strange medical procedures.

In recent years, medicine has changed a lot, but many people will be surprised by the unusual nature of some medical procedures that are still used. Here are 10 examples of the most bizarre medical practices of our time.
1. Fighting skin cancer with cryotherapy

Cryogenics is a special field of scientific research that works with extremely low temperatures. Continue reading

From person to cyborg: a synthetic chest created using 3D printing

It seems that a person has every chance to turn into a cyborg. Arcam AB specialists have created perhaps the most difficult prosthesis to date, designed to replace part of the patient’s chest. An innovative implant was created using 3D printing.
The Swedish company Arcam AB, with the support of the Australian company Anatomics, set about implementing an ambitious project. The essence of the project was to create an artificial chest, for patients who may need to replace several ribs at once. Continue reading

Shocking medical wonders stored in museums around the world


Museums around the world have many amazing exhibits. But among them there are those that cause not just amazement, but frankly shock, and even cause disgust. Our review contains 10 strange and scary exhibits from various museums.
1. Cyclops child (Frolik Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

In the nineteenth century anatomists, father and son Gerard and Ville Wrolik were carried away by human mutations. Continue reading

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